Home staging

With home staging the property sells is faster thanks to a more studied and accurate presentation of the environments.

With home staging, the home sells faster thanks to a more studied and accurate presentation of the environments.
The buyer will generally be more encouraged to visit the property and the subsequent purchase. So the timing can even be reduced by over 70%

But what is our home staging service in practice?
The home stager will change the layout of the furniture, give a touch of the right color, choose the most suitable accessories and take care of the lighting. Just a few interventions, not structural and temporary, along with a photo shoot made by a professional, to change the face of a house and trigger the lightning strike with buyers.

The professionals at Home Staging in Forte dei Marmi
The home stager is in fact a professional who combines knowledge of interior design, decoration, photography and real estate marketing to present at best a property for sale. It does not restructure the house, nor furnishes it in a definitive way.
The home stager, says the word itself, stages the home with the precise objective of unveiling its full potential to a target of well-identified buyers. Possible buyers who will see the house first of all through the photos on the web, essential to raise the initial interest among a thousand proposals at a click, and then visit the spaces set up ad hoc.

How much can home staging cost in Forte dei Marmi
Prices, of course, vary greatly depending on the property you want to put on the market: square footage, number of rooms, the state in which it is located, whether it is furnished or empty. Orientatively, we start from a few hundred euros if only small interventions are needed in a house already furnished. From a thousand euros to go up if the house is set up from scratch. The owner does not buy anything, neither furnishings nor accessories. Everything is temporary and stays in the house for the time of sale. Included in the service are the professional photographs that will be the visiting card of the house.